Saturday, 20 February 2010

Shopping for your man!

I don't know if anyone can help me here? but why is it that there is not much choice for guys who don't want to follow your typical fashion trends!! There is more of a range for girls so they can play with more individual looks... but, Guy's no!

My boyfriend Matt likes to look smart and slightly quirky but not like he is following the indie fashion wave. I love these pics of him!! he's wearing G star blue jeans with smart brown boots and a ted baker denim shirt. In the other pics he is wearing a really nice Linea, pink check shirt from HOF. I love his style but understand his frustration when shopping. If anyone has any ideas where he could get quirky jeans from? that are not skinny fit but not loose either that would be fabulous!! Let me know:-) I think All saints is also streets ahead for men's fashion and also Ted Baker men's clothes are fab! but I'm not keen on the women's range. I am going to research this further and keep you updated.

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