Wednesday, 12 October 2011

I love this photograph

I don't know where my absolute love for fashion came from but it is the one thing that keeps on and on inspiring me every day. I don't tend to want to dress like everyone else and I love it when I see someone really putting their stamp on clothes and really wearing them. It's about picking fashion trends that are right for you and then putting your personal spin on things. Radiating your character out!! I live and breath Fashion! It's what makes me stare, it makes me love, it makes me cringe and it makes me smile :) :) it makes me opinionated as well, and I believe in what I say with fashion. All round it's a good thing to love :)

There is a gorgeous photo I want to upload but I am off away to sunnier skies for 10 days so when I return I will post it up. Hope hope hope I find it again.

Smile x

Saturday, 1 October 2011

saturday stunningnessss

this girl looks so cool (Shorts especially)

Chilled we like that!

Love the back of this top!!