Monday, 22 February 2010

How Do I?

I decided to post this picture as I really love this shirt and thought I'd show you all! So comfy and easy to wear! and as it's Whistles I can wear it lots to work :-)

I'm in a pickle today too about how to juggle everything in my life :-( i.e. Work, degree, fashion, my music! x 2 bands, learning my keyboard!! and just my general ocd when it comes to cleaning my flat!! I can't leave one thing out of place and I annoy myself ha.

Tomorrow I will come on and post some of the pics from the 'Roksanda Ilincic' collection for Whistles. Some of the dresses are beautiful!!

goodnight people x

Saturday, 20 February 2010

Shopping for your man!

I don't know if anyone can help me here? but why is it that there is not much choice for guys who don't want to follow your typical fashion trends!! There is more of a range for girls so they can play with more individual looks... but, Guy's no!

My boyfriend Matt likes to look smart and slightly quirky but not like he is following the indie fashion wave. I love these pics of him!! he's wearing G star blue jeans with smart brown boots and a ted baker denim shirt. In the other pics he is wearing a really nice Linea, pink check shirt from HOF. I love his style but understand his frustration when shopping. If anyone has any ideas where he could get quirky jeans from? that are not skinny fit but not loose either that would be fabulous!! Let me know:-) I think All saints is also streets ahead for men's fashion and also Ted Baker men's clothes are fab! but I'm not keen on the women's range. I am going to research this further and keep you updated.

Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Brit awards! Lady GaGa

Ok so normally I don't like lady Gaga but now my mind is kind of changing. Today I read an article in Grazia about how she has got to were she is now and it's pretty crazy! she is one talented girl! writing for Britney etc before she even became famous herself and that was her at 21. She also sang today with piano and voice referring to Alexander McQueen and she has a great voice, you can't always hear it! Plus I've never known anyone to wear the sort of clothes she wears but she gets away with it. Pokerface is still fab and I still need to get someone to help me add music and fab backgrounds to this blog! to make it more fabulous! help

RIP Alexander McQueen

It's so sad that Alexander McQueen has died. I find it hard to believe because he was so young and so talented. What an inspiration to so many people! So so sad! x

Thursday, 11 February 2010


Hello beautiful people! I am letting you know that from this day I have decided to not only share all my fashion pictures, interests and news with you but I will be using this blog as a vital part of my dissertation for my degree!! So any news you want to share, opinions, or you just want to say anything, get in touch and comment comment comment the more the merrier!!!! Thankyou, Love love love back to Whistles now :-) Han Banan x x x

Saturday, 6 February 2010

Fashion I love now!!

Sorry for the long time no post, No Internet!! but it's back now :-)

These are a few pics I took from the Whistles leaflet, it's new season's items. I love the ray bans, denim shorts and striped top look (so effortless and stylish) Then on the other hand I like the feminine silk, light dresses that are also elegant. The new peach and pale tones coming through only add to the elegance of this seasons look. I find it so easy to enjoy wearing these clothes with boots and brogues and soon sandals, which I just can't wait for!! Summer summer summer!