Friday, 28 May 2010


Hi guys and girlies, I had some pics done of moi for my fashion portfolio and I'm really happy with them. I recreated some images from I.D mag and think they came out well! Let me know what you think??

Friday, 21 May 2010

May May sunny May

Today is a day for shorts I feel!! It's so hot and I'm also off to have some more fashion photos done so I will post them later! Have a beautiful day people :) In a few days I'll also be on to do a post on current trends again :)

And I also thought you might like to see where I am dreaming of going, just incredible, I can't even remember where it is! France I think?? maybe Marrakesh, who cares, BEAUTIFUL.

More inspiration for May!

Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Inspiration for May!

For me it's festival style that I'm loving right now and signature pieces like the green shoes in my last post and boots you can wear in, boots that become your friends and look as characterful as you! I love them! Nicole Richie is inspiring me with her maxi dress look which lets face it, she's been doing for ages and did before anyone else! also denim shirts, shorts and sandals plus little fabric bras which are gorgeous :) here is a few pics to feast your eyes on!

I also Love the summer harems with lots of flowers and flowing fabrics, I love the contrast of subtle elegance and harsh urban places, oooo it's fabulous!!

Inspiration for May!


Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Time to get down with this Techno stuff!! I need to get better

I have so many ideas and thoughts going through my head! I only have to read ELLE and I'm buzzing but I really need to get good at being able to express what I see in my head on here lol. I am dreaming of going into Styling!! I already do it really but free lance! and have everything to give but I have a complete block with computers! come on Hannah!! Helping hands would be sooooo much appreciated! Oh yes... and thankyou to my dad I now own some beautiful new sun glasses!! who would have thought dad was so trendy they're years old hehe